Meat Grinders Guide

What Are the Different Types of Electric Meat Grinders?



You would see in a modern kitchen, and especially in a busy household, an appliance called electric meat grinder. This is the equipment that you can use if you like to experiment new recipes or control the ingredients that would go into your meals. More and more health conscious people realize that choosing your own meat and processing it yourself will limit your intake of fats, salts and other additives. With the use of the electric grinder, you produce soups, appetizers and sandwich spreads that are healthy. Grinding your beef, chicken, turkey, pork and even vegetables will allow you to choose your ingredients and thus provide you a healthier source of food at your own choice.


Take note that most electric food slicer include three cutting plates. Also be aware that your grinder should also come with attachments, like an attachment for grinding sausage and a tool that will push the meat into the blade. A grinder that is made of metal is much easier to clean than the grinder that is made of plastic.


A medium sized meat grinder is preferable for a hunter who usually processes his own meat for making hamburger, hash or sausage and meat loaves. It is advisable that you consider the head size, the opening size of the bowl, and the pan size when buying a stx turboforce 3000 grinder, plus make sure that it is durable.


There is a kind of electric meat grinder that is stainless and has a 450 watt motor with a five year warranty. It goes with three cutting plates and two sausage attachments. Its switch is an on and off kind. With a reverse switch, it can help clear clogged grinders when the meat is jammed inside.  The price for this kind of grinder is around $155.


Another kind of electric meat grinder has stainless steel housing, a food plunger and a reverse switch. Its motor is considered more powerful at 550 watts. It has a one year warranty, a recipe book and an instruction manual. The price is around $125.


One more type of electric meat grinder is one with a die-cast metal hopper and a 450 watt motor, includes three plates and two sausage grinders. With its stainless steel construction, you can grind your meat easily, and the equipment is very durable. Its cost is around $170.


Buying these electric grinders can be done also through online. You can browse for different brands and can compare costs, reviews and customer comments to help you decide in choosing the best brand for your needs.